Blue Cards for Construction Industry or Working with Children

Blue Card requirement in Employment or Child Related activities

Who needs a Blue card in Queensland?

There are TWO versions of ‘Blue Cards’ being used in Queensland, and they are for very different purposes:

Working with Children and Working in the Building Industry:

Working with Children

A person will need a blue card if they propose to work, in a paid or voluntary capacity, or to carry on a business, in a child-related area regulated by the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian Act 2000.

More on this at Working with Children

Working in the Building Industry:

From 1st July 2009 The CPCOHS1001A Work safely in the construction industry course replaces the previous 30215QLD – Course in General Safety Induction (Construction Industry) course.

After July 1 2009 all people who complete the new CPCCOHS1001A course will receive a White Card.

More on this at Construction Safety Cards


Previously issued Blue Cards will still be valid, and accepted at all work places.

Previous information, up to June 30th 2009


A General Safety Induction (Construction Industry) Card (also known in QLD as a blue card) is issued to a person who successfully completes the course 30215QLD – Course in General Safety Induction (Construction Industry) accredited under the Vocational Education, Training and Employment Act 2000.…/index.htm

Registered training organisations for construction safety induction (Blue Card) courses:…/induction

Construction Safety Cards

If you are going to work on ANY construction site you will also need to obtain a Construction General Induction Competency certificate, also known, in QLD, as a “Construction Blue Card”. This is a legal requirement and affects Builders, Bricklayers, Electricians etc.

Principal Contractors are NOT allowed to employ anyone on site if they do not hold such a blue card. Workers can also be fined if found working without them.

These links may give you more information about it:

Recognition of Interstate Construction Safety Cards

The following construction cards are now recognised in Queensland and vice versa:

  • Victorian Foundation for Safety Construction Industry Induction Training Agreement (red card)
  • The new Work Safe Victoria construction induction cards
  • New South Wales WorkCover Construction Induction Certificate for the Construction Industry
  • South Australian white card, and
  • Western Australian construction safety awareness training (CSAT) card.

Persons with the above cards are not required to undertake the general safety induction training for construction work in Queensland.
Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania and Northern Territory do not currently have a regulatory requirement for construction induction training.
Source: Mutual recognition of interstate induction cards

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