$1 for 1 Regular Coffee at Kirks English Patisserie

A special offer from the Grab One daily deals today, is giving a Regular Coffee for just $1 at Kirks English Patisserie in Minyama, Queensland. Kirks English Patisserie 1/21 Nicklin Way Minyama, Queensland,  4575 07 5477 5980 Richard and Mandy… Read the rest

Rebecca O’Connor as the Irish Tina Turner in Brisbane

Rebecca O’Connor is “Simply the Best” as Tina Turner Rebecca, from Cobh, Co Cork, Ireland, is now hailed as the undisputed worlds #1 Tina Turner show, endorsed by Tina herself who said “ Rebecca is so good, she is scary”… Read the rest

800,000 Australians claim Disability support payments

A review of the Disability Support pension in Australia is being undertaken, due to the increase in claimants for this benefit, available to people that are considered sufficiently disabled to stop them from working. The numbers of recipients has grown… Read the rest