Education in Canberra and Australian Capital Territory, ACT

In the ACT it is compulsory for children aged from 6 to 15 years old to be enrolled at a school.

Within 14 school term days of a child turning 6, or beginning to live in the ACT, the child must be enrolled at a school or apply to be registered for home education.

From 2008, Canberra s preschools are integrated within our primary schools.

The ACT offer a range of preschool to year 10 schools, to provide a seamless learning transition from early childhood to middle years.

In 2009 four new early childhood schools will be available offering families services for children from birth to eight years.

ACT public high schools and colleges (years 11/12) provide a range of pathways to higher education further training and vocational options including school based apprenticeships.

Schools have a defined Priority Enrolment Area (PEA).

ACT public schools reserve enough places for students who live in their local enrolment area. Further information is available on Priority Enrolment Areas – PEAs:


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Pre School:

Children attend for 12 hours per week in a two or three session configuration

Children who turn 3 years of age on or before 30 April are eligible to register by having their name entered on one preschool registration form.

In the last week of October offers of placement will be made to the capacity of the preschool in order of the date of registration

All offers of placement to children of ACT residents will be made before the close of the school year prior to enrolment.



List of Schools in Australian Capital Territory

Term Dates in the ACT

International Students (457 visa etc)

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