Eligibility for HECS HELP in Australian Universities

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Eligibility for HECS HELP in Australian Universities

To be eligible for HECS‑HELP, you must be:

An Australian citizen
Permanent humanitarian visa holder

You must also meet residency requirements
and be studying in a Commonwealth supported place

The HECS‑HELP scheme

A student loan
A student discount

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Eligible students may access a HECS‑HELP loan to pay their student contribution amount.
Eligible students can access the HECS‑HELP discount by receiving a 10% discount on any upfront payment of $500 or more, if they choose not to use a HECS‑HELP loan.


[notice]Subject to the passage of legislation, from 1 January 2016, the Australian Government will remove the upfront HECS-HELP discount of 10 per cent for eligible students that pay their student contributions upfront and the voluntary HELP repayment bonus of five per cent.[/notice]

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