Gas Price Comparison

Not all properties in Australia use gas, in fact a large number are not in areas with piped gas lines.

Those that do get piped gas may pay prices such as these:

QLD governed maximum rates as at 1st July 2009

3.210 c/MJ for the first 8.5 megajoules per day
2.189 c/Mj for the next 17.0 megajoules per day
2.0273 c/MJ for anything over 25.5 megajoules per day

There is also a Daily Supply Service Charge of 72.6 cents per day

I have read that an average house uses about 25.1 MJ and 41.8 MJ per day.
However I saw a survey in 2006 which showed the average gas use for Sydney Metropolitan households was 58Mj per day.
The Hunter Valley showed 47MJ per day.
Source: Figure 2, page 2 PDF file

Figures of average Gas consumption in Melbourne and Victoria varied between  16MJ per day and 53MJ per day, depending on location.  Source: Date shown on Page 2 PDF file

Calculated Average Australian Gas Bills:

  • Using an average of 40MJ per day the annual gas cost, based on QLD prices would be about $607
  • Using an average of 60MJ per day the annual gas cost, based on QLD prices would be about $755

However, using the Energy comparison website switchwise, I found these average annual gas bills for 4 bedroom houses in specific locations.

  • $1,373 QLD Greenslopes, 4020 – 59,949   MJ/year
  • $1,360 VIC Melbourne, 3004. 107,459   MJ/year
  • $1,324 NSW Erskine Park, 2759. 59,949   MJ/year

Not sure I quite understand the pricing and consumption numbers for Melbourne though ?

United Kingdom

The Average gas consumption per year in the UK, shown in kWh varies between 25,000 and 29,000 for 3 and 4 bedroom houses. These figures were obtained from Source: shows the average annual cost of gas in the UK as between £750 and £1,152 per year for 3 and 4 bedroom houses.

According to British Gas, the average UK gas bill is £602 to £720 per year.

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