Stamp duty when buying Australian Cars

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Stamp Duty is payable when you buy a car in Australia, whether New or Used.

The rate of duty currently varies depending on which State the vehicle is registered in, and is based on the value of the vehicle, and sometimes on the engine size.

As an idea of the rates of Duty, I have done the following calculations on a $30,000 car in each state, in May 2010.

ACT: $900
NSW: $900
NT: $900
QLD: $600 Hybrid car –
QLD: $900 4 cylinder car
QLD: $1,050 6 cylinder car
QLD: $1,200 8 cylinder car
SA: $1,140
TAS: $900
VIC: $750
WA: $1,275

You can check current costs for each State using this calculator:

Stamp Duty Calculations



3% of the market value up to $45,000
5% on the value over $45,000.


The rate varies on the number of cylinders, or if the vehicle is Electric or Hybrid


Under $3,000 vehicle value:  Up to $60 on a sliding scale
Over $3,000 vehicle value: $60 plus $4 per $100 or part thereof.


Up to $57,009 $5 per $200 value
Over $57,009 $10 per $200 of value


Up to $25,000 2.75% of Dutiable Value
$25,001 – $50,000 2.75% + % of [(Dutiable Value – 25,000)/ 6,666.66] of Dutiable Value
Over $50,000 6.5% of Dutiable Value

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