Statistics: Road Deaths in Australia

Australia currently loses about 1,500 lives each year through road accidents, although this number has been gradually reducing over the years. Looking at the average annual deaths in three year groupings, we see that the numbers have been reducing from… Read the rest

Speeding Fines and Demerit Points in Western Australia

The following Speeding fines and Demerit points were valid in 2009, and published on the Western Australia Office of Road Safety website. Fine Demerit Points Km/h over the speed limit $75 0 Not more than 9 km/h $150 2 More… Read the rest

Driving Comparison UK-Aus

Comparisons between UK and Australian Driving. The most common comparison between UK and Australian drivers is not very complimentary to Australians. It would be good to be able to fully understand the reason for this, so we shall look at… Read the rest