Hays Salary Guide in Australia

There is an excellent source of Average salary guides for specific occupations produced in Australia, for various professions, but especially the Accounting profession.

This is produced by Hays Recruiting, and can be seen at Hays Salary Survey.

A few examples of average salary ranges as at June 2010 are:


  • $ 39k – $ 48k External Audit Graduates (1-2yrs Experience)
  • $ 40k – $ 50k Assistant Accountants Diploma Qualified (up to 2 yrs years experience)
  • $ 42k – $ 50k Accounts Receivable Officer
  • $ 55k – $ 70k Non CPA/CA Qualified Experienced Accountants in Commerce/Industry 3 – 5 yrs Experience
  • $100-$150k Senior Qualified Accountants: Commercial Manager (Turnover up to $50m)
  • $140-$200k Senior Qualified Accountants: Finance Director/CFO (Turnover up to $50m)

These are just a few examples in one City, but the above report covers all of Australia, and many different types of positions.

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