Fridges and Freezers in Australia

Most, if not all, of the Fridges and Freezers in Australia will have a classification rating, based on the ambient temperature that they are designed to operate in.
Each Unit should have a visible rating plate, showing the Temperature Class, normally with 1 or 2 letters, but maybe using the class rating name.

  • SN = 10°C to 32°C (Extended Temperature)
  • N = 16°C to 32°C (Temperate)
  • ST = 18°C to 38°C (Subtropical)
  • T = 18°C to 43°C (Tropical)

On checking my two fridge/freezers, I found that I have one that is “T” and one that is “N”.   My reason for looking into this today, is that my “N” rated unit has just died, and I am looking into replacing it.  As it is kept in the garage, the temperature often exceeds the ambient maximum of 32°C, so the next one must be a “T” rating, to keep energy use down (electricity cost) and maybe a longer life.

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