Home Keeps Moving by Heidi Sand-Hart

Home Keeps Moving by Heidi Sand-Hart
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Home Keeps Moving by Heidi Sand-Hart

A book that could be of interest to people moving between countries, written by a person with experience of changing cultures due to living in different countries.

Home Keeps Moving tackles the struggles and challenges faced by cross-cultural individuals trying to grasp an understanding of who they are and how they fit into their current society. The book offers insight into growing up in multiple worlds. This topic is receiving far more exposure and media attention around the world these days so we feel the timing is right. It is a rare personal approach on a subject that has, up until now, been mostly theoretical.

In my opinion, the changes in culture, between countries, even English speaking countries, is one of the major parts of migration that is under emphasised.

Home Keeps Moving by Heidi Sand-Hart

Heidi Sand-Hart is an Adult Third Culture Kid who grew up in England, India and Norway due to her parent’s work. She has been involved with YWAM internationally and volunteered at orphanages in India, Morocco, Thailand and China. She has a passion for travel, photography and Arsenal football club. Heidi currently lives in London, England with her husband and views herself as a citizen of the world.

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