Mortgage Costs as a Percentage of Income in 2013

Mortgage Costs as a Percentage of Income in 2013

Mortgage Costs as a Percentage of Income, for 362 cities in various countries around the world, in a 2013 report.

The following figures are from a report that I first looked at in 2010, and the figures for that year looked at 117 cities. It has now expanded to 362 Cities. The 2010 report is at:…/mortgage-costs-as-a-percentage-of-income/

The following figures are just for the Cities in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Mortgage Costs as a Percentage Of Average Income

  1. 121.27% London, United Kingdom
  2. 103.51% Cairns, Australia
  3. 90.31% Melbourne, Australia
  4. 81.99% Sydney, Australia
  5. 79.15% Perth, Australia
  6. 77.49% Bristol, United Kingdom
  7. 73.54% Brighton, United Kingdom
  8. 67.70% Cambridge, United Kingdom
  9. 62.33% Darwin, Australia
  10. 55.68% Nottingham, United Kingdom
  11. 53.18% Oxford, United Kingdom
  12. 50.96% Canberra, Australia
  13. 49.32% Hobart, Australia
  14. 47.25% Reading, United Kingdom
  15. 43.86% Aberdeen, United Kingdom
  16. 43.48% Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  17. 43.26% Sheffield, United Kingdom
  18. 42.85% Brisbane, Australia
  19. 38.75% Gold Coast, Australia
  20. 36.18% Leicester, United Kingdom
  21. 35.31% Birmingham, United Kingdom
  22. 33.26% Belfast, United Kingdom
  23. 32.89% Adelaide, Australia
  24. 32.72% Southampton, United Kingdom
  25. 24.98% Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
  26. 24.54% Leeds, United Kingdom
  27. 23.89% Liverpool, United Kingdom

Mortgage as Percentage of Income is a the ratio of the actual monthly cost of the mortgage to take-home family income. Average monthly salary is used to estimate family income.
Full details at:

It is interesting to see that there are FIVE cities from each of our countries in the top 10 of this list, keeping it equal.

Comparing some of the Cities with similar figures is even more interesting, eg:

  • Perth and Bristol at 77% to 79%
  • Brisbane and Sheffield at 42% to 43%
  • Gold Coast and Leicester at 36% to 39%
  • Adelaide and Southampton at 33%

In the total of all Cities, London at 121.27% was in position 107 !!

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One thought on “Mortgage Costs as a Percentage of Income in 2013”

  1. Some of the 2010 figures were:
    121.63% London, United Kingdom
    65.65% New York, NY, United States
    59.15% Sydney, Australia
    50.25% Melbourne, Australia

    The 2013 figures for these Cities are:
    121.27% London, United Kingdom
    65.73% New York, NY, United States
    81.99% Sydney, Australia
    90.31% Melbourne, Australia

    London and New York both stayed about the same, but the two Australian cities have become much more expensive.

    Wages have gone up in Australia, so this indicates that people are still buying the more expensive houses, even though the lower price range properties have stalled in price in many places. But maybe not Sydney and Melbourne.

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