Robertsons Fruit Mince in Australia

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In ALDI for the week beginning 26th October 2011, for the sum of A$3.69, is the 410g jar of Robertsons Fruit Mince.

Ideal for home made Mince Pies in time for Christmas.

Tesco in the UK have one for £1.28 for the 411 gram jar, I do not know if it is different or not, and until I see it in ALDI, I can’t even be certain it is UK made.

I can say that it is available in both Woolworths and Coles, but for $4.28 and $4.38 respectively.

Robertsons Fruit Mince at ALDI Australia

I wonder how the people who never buy at ALDI because the products are cheaper, and therefore not as good, justify this one 😉

Recipe for Mince Pies and Rum Balls

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I totally agree Jenny – have been trying to source it in Cape Town for weeks. Someone, help us please..!!

I use to have a recipe for quick easy steamed plum pudding made with Robertson’s fruit mince, have searched for it everywhere for it but cannot find it. I am wondering if you would have the recipe sonewhere in your archives and post it to my email address. Sincerley Shirley

Please could you let me know where I can buy your product in Cape Town.Sout Africa.Your christmas mince pie mix is the best.A must have.The christmas mince pies do not taste the same with out . regards Jenny

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