Things to bring when you are Emigrating to Australia

When you migrate to Australia what do you bring and what do you leave behind ?

The first thing I will suggest is:

UK power boards, so that you can plug in your UK electrical appliances without having to change all the plugs at once. You just change the single one on each 4 or 6 way power board, until you get around to changing all of them eventually. It is surprising how many plugged appliances we have, some we can never change the plug anyway.

Most people advise bringing everything, many of us regret leaving some things. The cost to replace everything does add up to a lot of money, often a lot more than the shipping costs, even though that can be quite expensive.

You do need to work out if your goods are due for replacement or not. If they are, then it is better to replace in Australia, but if not, then you need to work out your shipping costs, and compare to see if you would be better of buying everything again, brand new, in Australia.

Many people end up needing a container, and if that is the case, then you may as well fill it with whatever you have, assuming there are no extra costs.


Fridge Freezers are worth looking into, although as many houses have two fridges, with the spare in the garage, it may not be a bad idea to fetch the UK one.  However, check where your final destination is, as the Fridges here are made for the Australian conditions, and have different ratings as shown at

In brief, an SN rating is designed up to 32°C whilst a T rating covers up to 43°C.

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