UK Pensions

UK Pensions in Australia

UK Government Pension

    The UK Government age pension can be paid to you in Australia, on reaching Retirement age. The amount of the pension payment will be frozen at the rate in force at the date of entitlement, or the date the person left the UK if they were already a pensioner at that time. However, if you return to live in the UK, you’ll receive a State Pension with all of the indexation increases.

    British Pensions in Australia Inc. [BPiA] is a “not for profit” association of volunteer expatriate British State pensioners, challenging the UK government’s discriminatory, immoral pension legislation, which causes our UK pensions and those in Canada, South Africa and NZ to remain “frozen”; but in the USA, EU, Israel and some 20+ other countries, the UK State pension is regularly increased for inflation. Contact: Click here for link

    If you are eligible for the Australian age pension, it may be reduced when your UK pension is taken into account, depending on the above mentioned Income Test.

    Nov 4th, 2008: A case heard before the European Courts has determined that the UK government is free to freeze the pension rates, in the way that it currently does, for retirees that live in certain countries (Australia included). The case judgement is here: Carson and Others v. the United Kingdom (application no. 42184/05)

UK National Insurance Contributions whilst Overseas

    These are dealt with by the HM Revenue & Customs If you live abroad or are intending to go abroad, you may in certain circumstances, pay Class 2 contributions voluntarily instead of Class 3 contributions. See leaflet NI 38 Social Security abroad for more information.
    The weekly Class 2 contribution rate for 2004-2005 was

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