Apr 07 2017

Cost of Contact Lenses in Australia

Cost of Contact Lenses in Australia

Contact lenses are best bought from an Online supplier in Australia, or even overseas, if you are looking for the best prices.

Example Contact Lens Prices in April 2017

A local Optometrist quoted over $300 for 6 months supply of monthly lenses, while one of the online suppliers quoted $171.00 for exactly the same Contacts.

The Focus Dailies (shown below) are still $17.90 per pack, in April 2017.

Example Contact Lens Prices in July 2016

Focus DAILIES 30 Pack: Manufacturer: Alcon (Ciba Vision)
Packaging: 30 lenses per box

A$17.90 www.quicklens.com.au
A$29.90 www.clearly.com.au
A$37.00 easycontacts.com.au

Above prices checked on 23 July 2016 and subject to changes.

Current Price for 3 months supply (with one supplier above) would be A$117.35.  That’s about 10% cheaper than they were in 2009, when I last checked.

Quicklens Australia Contact Lenses


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