How Much does an Eye Test Cost in Australia

How Much does an Eye Test Cost in Australia

The Cost of an Eye Examination in Australia

Eye Tests are covered under Medicare and for a long time most Optometrists Bulk Billed for basic eye examinations, which means we didn’t have to pay anything.

Medicare used to pay the optometrist 85% of the scheduled fee that is set by the Government and that was normally accepted as full payment by the Optometrists.

In 2015, the Medicare rebate for optometry services was cut by 5%, from 85% to 80%, and this has caused some Optometrists to stop Bulk Billing and to charge the full fee, which means we pay 20% of the Medicare scheduled fee.

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I have seen that the current Medicare Rebate is $56.80, ie: the amount that an Optometrists who bulk bills gets paid for an eye test. From tis I assume the Medicare scheduled fee is $71. ($71.00 less 20% = $56.80)

Today, I checked the prices of an eye test at two Optometrists, one told me it was $19.90 (due to the medicare changes) and the other said he hasn’t changed and will still bulk bill, meaning no cost to me.

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