Prescription Costs Australia -v- UK

Prescription Cost Comparison between Australia and UK

Prescription Costs in Australia

From 1 January 2019, you pay up to $40.30 (£22.55) for most PBS medicines or $6.50 (£3.64) if you have a concession card.
(Some pharmacists may choose to discount the PBS patient co-payment by up to $1.00, making the cost to a concession card holder only $5.50)

People who spend more than $1,550.70 (£867.78) on prescriptions in the year, will pay a reduced fee of $6.50, once they reach that figure.

Concession card holders who spend more than $390.00 (£218.25) on prescriptions in the year, will receive future prescriptions free of charge, once they reach that figure.
(January 2019 –

UK price converted at FX rate of 1.787 on 5th August 2019

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Prescription Costs in the UK

The prescription charge in England is £9.00 per item.

In the UK, you have the option to pay a fixed fee, in advance, to cover all prescription costs for a 3 or 12 month period, if you feel you may need more prescriptions than average.

A prepayment of £29.10 covers your prescriptions for 3 months, or £104 for 12 months.
(April 2019 –

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