May 18 2011

Motoring Offences in Australia

Motoring Offences in Australia

Drink Driving in Australia

A report issued in October 2009 stated annual figures for Australia of:

  • 12,399,027 Breath Tests carried out in the last year
  • 111,045 people charged with drink driving in that year

This shows that almost 9 in every 1,000 drivers last year were over the drinking limit.

Drink Driving in Queensland

Easter 2009

Queensland State Traffic Support Branch Superintendent Col Campbell said out of 52,128 random breath tests, 225 people were caught drink-driving in the first 48 hours of the Easter break.

Drink Driving in New South Wales

In NSW alone, about 3.4 million breath tests were carried out last year, and the percentage of all fatal crashes, involving alcohol, has dropped from 40% in 1982 to the current 19%.

Random breath testing was introduced in 1982.

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