Oct 12 2009

Wage Comparison UK Australia 2009

A comparison of average wages between Australia and the United Kingdom.

I am selecting to compare ‘Full time earnings’ rather than the average of Full Time and Part Time, as this should give a more realistic indication for someone that is planning on working full time.

To include part time earning figures would allow too many variables into the equation, ie: 2 hrs per week part time or 30 hours per week part time.

Average Male Full time total earnings:

May 2009

  • Australia: $70,038 per year. Source
  • UK: £27,552 per year. Based on Apr 2008 + 1.7%

April 2008

  • Australia: $66,144 per year. Source
  • UK:  £27,092 per year. Source

Comparing earnings as a multiple of the other country does not really work, if there have been changes in the Foreign Exchange rates, which have occurred in a rather large way at the time of writing this.

One better comparison can be to look at the annual income against costs of various things in that country.


Average Mortgages:

  • In July 2009, the average Australian Mortgage was $354,000, source or 5.05 times the wage above.
  • In August 2009, the average UK mortgage was £134,500, source or 4.88 times the wage above.

We could also compare wages against the cost of cars, or cigarettes, or any other item that was of more relevance to the reader.  I am able to provide Australian costs for various things, if anyone wants to ask for a comparison, and has the UK price available.
Any such questions can also be asked at www.ask.abcdiamond.com

Note 1:  Average UK earnings, including bonuses, rose by 1.7 per cent in the year to July 2009. Source

December 2009
A story in the News of The Worldnewspaper gave the following wage figures for the UK:

  • £33,285 Junior Doctor
  • £27,851 Fireman
  • £24,039 Police Constable
  • £22,000 Soldier Serving in Afghanistan
  • £21,102 Newly Qualified Teacher
  • £19,683 Qualified Nurse
  • £19,600 Social Worker
  • £17,744 Prison Officer
  • £10,000 Care Assistant

The story also stated: “Britain’s average salary is £21,320 before tax and national insurance“. This figure includes full and part time workers.

For comparison the Australian figure for Full and Part time workers is $48,776 per year.  Source ABS August 2009

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