Dragonfly TV – British Documentary on Working in Australia

Dragonfly TV – British Documentary on Working in Australia

I am a TV Producer at London-based Dragonfly Film and Television.  We’re developing a new documentary series about British people who work, or are planning to work in Australia on major construction, energy and mining projects.

I’m looking for British expats with every kind of hands-on trade, from plumbers and electricians through to specialist technicians, who are planning to work in Australia (or who are already working there) on short- term contracts.   I would like to speak to individuals or teams who work in manufacturing, mining, LPG / oil fields, construction or mechanical roles – including those with ‘Fly in, fly out’ jobs.

We are looking for a range of people from young single guys and girls, groups of guys working on projects together and those who have relocated their families to Australia.

Dragonfly Film and Television is a BAFTA award-winning, independent television production company, specialising in factual programmes. We work across all the major British broadcasters, like the BBC and Channel 4, as well as international channels, such as National Geographic and Discovery. Our work includes Channel 4’s One Born Every Minute, The Plane Crash and the recent BBC natural history series The Burrowers and BBC2’s Wildfire 2014: Inside the Inferno. Here’s a link to our site: http://www.dragonfly.tv/programmes/

Please can you give me a ring on +44 207 033 3195 or email sarah.rubin@dragonfly.tv If you are interested or know of anyone who is planning a work trip to Australia.

Please feel free to share this information with friends, family and colleagues.

Looking forward to chatting with you, if you send an email please don’t forget to send your number so I can call you.

Many Thanks

From: Sarah Rubin <sarah.rubin@dragonfly.tv>

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