Banks: NAB Transaction Fee Refund – VDC

Australian Banks: Transaction Fee Refund – VDC

A surprise credit on my Bank statement this month: I got $27.38 credit to my account with the words: “Transaction Fee Refund – VDC”.

No clue what this was… Why did the bank give me money ?

It seems that the VDC stands for Visa Debit card. I do have one and I use it a lot. But why a credit on transactions fees ??

I haven’t paid any, at least not for a long time..

Well it seems that I did pay some on overseas payments some time ago. And I should not have paid as it is a DEBIT card not a CREDIT card.
I didn’t realise, but the NAB (National Australian Bank) did notice ther error, and refunded it to me 🙂

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