Education in Adelaide and South Australia

Education in South Australia

Starting School in South Australia

Five-year-old children who attend government schools usually start at the beginning of each of the four terms.

Some schools also accept children immediately following their fifth birthday but it is not compulsory for them to start until they are six years old.

Most children usually attend four terms of preschool and then begin school in Reception when they are five.

Reception is the name given to the first year of schooling in South Australia.

This is followed by year 1, all the way up to year 12 Secondary School/High School starts in year 8.

Cost of Schooling in South Australia

South Australian Education Department fees for government schools in 2007 were $244 for secondary schools and $182 for primary, although many charge more with parents’ and departmental approval.

Leaving School

The minimum age at which a Child is able to leave school is 16.

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However, the South Australian Government has recently introduced a new Compulsory Education system, commencing 1st January 2009.

From that date, all young people must stay in some form of education or training until they turn 17, unless they choose to take up full time work as an alternative.

If they choose to work, they need to seek approval before leaving school.

Temporary Visa Holders

Dependants whose parents are holding ‘temporary’ resident visas are generally permitted to enrol in any primary or secondary school on the same conditions as Australian students and permanent residents for as long as their parents remain in Australia with Temporary Resident status.

The following is a listing of all visa classes, and the education cost status, for South Australia.

Some useful websites for school information

List of Schools in South Australia –

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