Scorpions in Australia

Australian Scorpions


Australian scorpions can give a painful sting but are not considered dangerous.

Scorpions are mostly nocturnal but they can be active during the day, especially during prolonged wet weather. There are 29 species of Scorpion in Australia.

First aid for a sting is to apply a cold pack and to seek medical aid if pain persists.
It is also a good idea to try to catch the scorpion and have it identified.

The scorpion usually seen in houses is the Small Marbled Scorpion.
It is widespread in southern Australia, and is one of the three known species of scorpions found in the greater Melbourne region.
The sting of the Little Marbled Scorpion can cause inflammation and pain for several hours, and medical advice should be sought.


Fortunately, Australian scorpions aren’t as poisonous as those in other countries. A sting might hurt for a few hours. The victim might need some treatment for pain but there should be no long lasting effects.

Scorpions are good for pest control in the garden, so if you do get one in the house, put it back in the garden, if you can, rather than killing it.

There are over 1500 species of scorpion (world-wide) but only 25 can kill people.


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