Quarantine for Dogs and Cats in Australia

Quarantine for Dogs and Cats in Australia
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Quarantine Costs and Periods for Importing Dogs and Cats

Australian Quarantine Costs for Cats and Dogs

The fee structure for Dog and Cat Quarantine Costs in Australia in 2015 is now:

  • $480 First cat or dog in a consignment ($120 for Lodgement and $360 for Assessment)
  • $240 For each additional animal in the same consignment ($120 for Lodgement and $120 for Assessment)
  • $93 (approx) Quarantine entry, exam and clearance minimum fees.
  • $1,200 PEQ importation charge levy. (From December 2015)
  • $29 per day  (× 10) accommodation cost.

These assessment fees are the minimum charge, further fees may be payable by the importer if applications are incomplete or require additional effort.

Sources: www.agriculture.gov.au/cats-dogs

Australian Quarantine Period for Cats and Dogs

Under the current import conditions many animals undergo just 10 days in post entry quarantine.

Sources: www.agriculture.gov.au/…/post-entry-quarantine-facilities


From December 2015, cats and dogs and other animals that weigh less than 25 kg are charged an import levy of  $1,200 per animal.  www.agriculture.gov.au/key-changes

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