Sydney median house price now $1,017,500 at July 2015

Sydney median house price now $1,017,500 at July 2015

What can you buy in Sydney for the Median House Price

The median House Price for Greater Sydney is $1,017,500, as at July 2015

This is above twice the Median House Price for the whole of Australia, which stands at $505,000

The other Major Capital Cities are:

$683,000 Melbourne
$561,500 Darwin
$520,000 Perth
$487,500 Brisbane
$427,500 Adelaide
$376,500 Hobart

These are the types of houses that sell for about $1,000,000 in Greater Sydney:

£465,000 in the UK money.
Sydney House 1Mil July 2015 Sydney House 1Mill July 2015

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