Australian Terminology

The Australian language, although based on English, does have some differences, some can be worked out quite easily, but some others can be very confusing, or just misleading to newcomers to the Country

Do not be afraid to ask when unsure, and treat it as a new language that we must get used to.

Some common expressions are:

  • Bring a plate = bring a plate of food to share with others at the gathering or party. If you are unsure what to bring, ask the host. It has been known for some people to bring an empty plate, thinking the host doesn’t have enough plates… oops…
  • BYO = Bring your own. Normally refrs to drinks. Some restaurants are BYO. You can bring your own wine to these, although there is usually a charge for providing and cleaning glasses called “Corkage”
  • Arvo = Afternoon.
  • Barbeque, BBQ, barbie – outdoor cooking, usually of meat over a grill or hotplate using gas or coals. The meat is usually served with salads and bread rolls. It is common for a guest, when invited to a BBQ, to ask if they should bring anything.
  • Snag = Sausage
  • Chook = Chicken.
  • Dunny = Toilet.
  • fair dinkum = Is That Right or That’s right
  • Crook = Sick or ill.
  • Flat out = really busy.
  • How ya goin or How are you going = how are you
  • Penalty Rates of Pay = Overtime Rates of pay and such other extra payments
  • Correspondence Education = Distance Education
  • Correspondence Learning = Distant Learning
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