UK Aged Pension: 60% Part Pension for Spouse

Can you get an extra 60% British Aged Pension for your Wife

In the Australian News today. 28th July 2017, is an article saying: “there’s a little-known opportunity to get a 60 per cent part pension for your spouse too … they don’t have to be British and don’t even have to have lived in Britain.”

This looks very interesting to many older British, living in Australia, but being entitled to a British Pension, who are at or near retirement age.  They may have remarried, and see that they can get an extra 60% pension, based purely on being married.

However, one important piece of information is missing: “None of this applies if you retire(d) any time from 1 April 2016, when the latest pension rules were implemented”.

Accurate information from: British Pension in Australia


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