BBQ in Australia

Different Barbeque Fuels

Charcoal Barbeque

Charcoal BBQ’s take time to get going, but they do cook very well. So, for flavour, a charcoal BBQ is best. However, during Total Fire Ban periods, you cannot use it.

Gas Barbeque

Gas BBQ’s are very fast to begin cooking, just like Kitchen stove. You may find you use this very often, especially during hot weather when you don’t want to heat the house up further by cooking inside.

Make sure you get one with a side burner, as you may find it invaluable, once you get used to cooking outside instead of in the kitchen. Especially for those foods that create a smell that you would rather not have working itself around the entire house, more so with the open plan houses.

My ideal solution

……. would be to get both and use the charcoal for special occasions, and the Gas for day to day use.

Electric Barbeque

Electric BBQ’s are commonly used in public parks, and often FREE of charge.

Wood Barbeque

Wood BBQ’s are risky in open spaces due to the fire risk, but are more economical, especially if you have a cheap source of wood for burning. The smoke from the fuel can be an annoyance, in the wrong areas.
BBQ’s can cost from under $100 up to $5,000 or more.

I saw a really good BBQ the other day for $14,999 !!, But I bought one that will do me just fine for $299

BBQ Gas bottles

The common BBQ gas bottle is a 9kg size.

They can be purchased in many Hardware Stores and Kmart, Target, Big W etc.

A current price (Nov 2008) in one of those shops is $37, for an empty 9kg capacity bottle.

Gas refills are also available at many hardware stores and petrol stations.

Some of them only do the bottle Swap, so you give them your bottle, and they give you one of theirs already filled.

I tend to have my own bottles refilled, and the price I pay for a 9kg refill is between $18.90 and $23.85 (2008).

We refill about twice per year, but some may be more, others less, depending on how much you use the BBQ.

BBQ: Recipes, Techniques, Tools                                    Grill It!

BBQ Covers
To keep your BBQ lasting longer, try to keep it covered when not in use. There are special BBQ covers available, even some pretty looking ones…

BBQ Canvas Covers

Can we BBQ on days of Total Fire Ban ?
Solid fuel barbeques or ovens

  • NO – All barbecues that use solid fuel such as wood, charcoal or briquettes are banned on days of Total Fire Bans. This includes closed oven or kettle-type appliances.

Gas or electric barbecues

  • YES – With restrictions, please read the “Fire Restrictions” link below.

Where to buy a Barbeque

  • Barbeques Galore The Barbeque Specialists
  • Kmart at your Local shopping centre normally have a range in stock.
  • Bunnings Hardware also have a decent range in stock.

Where to buy charcoal in Australia
Heat Beads are a very popular form of BBQ Fuel in Australia…

Heat Beads for the BBQ

These and similar products are available in many Supermarkets and Hardware stores, as well as BBQ speciality shops.

Solid hardwood charcoal briquettes or heat beads are best. The cheaper briquettes contain fillers, and don’t burn as hot or for as long as the hardwood variety.
Free BBQ’s in parks in Australia

Free BBQ Facilities in Australia
Free BBQ Facilities in Australia


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