HSBC Bank Australia

The HSBC bank in Australia has for a long time been very popular for its NO FEES accounts.

Although this type of account is becoming more common with Australian banks these days, there are still some good reasons for maintaining an account with the HSBC in Australia.

The convenience of a local branch however, is NOT one of them, as they only have about 27 branches in the whole of Australia.  However, that is about 20 more than the last time I looked.

14 of these branches are in NSW, 6 in Victoria, 3 in QLD, 2 in WA and 1 in each of ACT and SA.

ATM’s are also not very common, (68 in Australia) but this is not a problem, as any Westpac (2,800+), St George or Bank SA can be used free of charge, in the same way as a HSBC ATM.

Great news for HSBC cardholders, your search for an ATM just became a lot easier and cheaper! On top of your usual HSBC ATM, you can now enjoy unlimited ATM transactions without incurring an ATM Operator Fee at almost 2,800 Westpac, St.George and BankSA ATMs nationally.

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