Mortgages for Overseas British Expat Pensioners

Retired Britons Overseas are able to obtain a mortgage on a UK property, even up to age 70.

But NOT to those living in Australia.

The following page shows a list of countries where residence is not supported for Skipton International’s Expat Lending:
Australia is on this List, although New Zealand isn’t.

The following information appears more relevant for anyone living in New Zealand.

Skipton International are offering Mortgages to Pensioners up to age 70, although they must meet strict income requirements to qualify for the loans. Including

Loans must be repaid by age 85
Foreign Pension must be at least equivalent to £50,000
A UK Pension of £40,000 is the minimum
Loan Amount between £100k and £1.5m

Skipton International Limited

PO BOX 509
Fairbairn House
St Peter Port
Channel Islands
United Kingdom GY1 6DS
Tel: 44 (0) 1481 730730

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I am a UK expat living in Italy, and wish to borrow in order to extend my freehold property in London.
From March next year I plan to retire, and at that time my income from both rent and pension will be £62,000, which along with my partners earnings will add up to £80,000.

I plan to inject 100,000 of cash for the project, and would be looking for a mortgage of £100 to £150,000.

I should appreciate someone getting back to me to see if it would be possible for you to arrange this?

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards


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