Petrol Price Comparisons 2013

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Petrol Prices for Tuesday 10th September 2013

UK –

138.18p Average
132.9p Minimum
151.9p Maximum

Sydney Australia –

$1.486 Average  (£0.87)  63% of UK price


Information from previous posts
Petrol Prices for Thursday 4th April 2013

UK –

137.95p Average
130.9p Minimum
149.9p Maximum

Sydney Australia –

$1.361 Average (£0.94) 68% of UK price
$1.319 Lowest (£0.91)
$1.549 Highest (£1.07)

Comparison between April and September 2013

Average Unleaded Petrol price in Sydney has risen by 9.2%

Average Unleaded Petrol price in United Kingdom has risen by 0.2%

Due to Foreign Exchange rates between the two dates, the price of Unleaded is now even cheaper in Sydney, Australia, when looked at from British Pounds, going down from 68% of the UK equivalent to only 63%.

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