Price of Bread in Australia

With bread being a pretty staple food item, the “Price of Bread in Australia” does seem to be a relatively important topic of some peoples conversations.

I used to buy my bread at the supermarkets, but it was always expensive, unless you buy the cheap homebrand options.  
But for the last 6 years I have been buying at the local fruit and veg shop, or ALDI.

My actual preference, for basic white sandwich bread is the ALDI loaf, and at only $1.09 it knocks spots of the supermarkets, in both price and quality.  
However, queuing for a loaf at ALDI, if that is all I need, just isn’t on, so next door at the fruit and veg shop I pay $1.40 for a TipTop made loaf.

These are a few example bread prices, as at October 2010:

  • $1.09 ALDI – White Sandwich 700g
  • $1.49 Fruit & Veg Shop – Buttercup White Sandwich Bread 700g
  • $1.40 Fruit & Veg Shop – Tip Top White Sandwich Bread 700g
  • $1.09 Woolworths – Homebrand Bread – White Sandwich 700g
  • $3.79 Woolworths – Tip Top Sunblest White Sandwich Bread 700g
  • $3.89 Woolworths – Mighty Soft Large Slice White Sandwich Bread 700g
  • $3.99 Woolworths – Buttercup Wonder White Wholemeal And Iron Sandwich Bread 700g
  • $3.99 Woolworths – Tip Top Up Energi White Sandwich Bread 700g
  • $4.59 Woolworths – Noble Rise Bread Wholemeal With A Hint Of Honey 700g
  • $4.59 Woolworths – Helgas Bread Light Rye 680g
  • $4.59 Woolworths – Helgas Bread White Traditional 750g
  • $4.48 Woolworths – Abbotts Village Bakery Bread Farmhouse Wholemeal 750g
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