Dyson Vacuum Cleaners in Australia

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners in Australia

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners in Australia

I often read that new migrants to Australia, from the UK, discuss the Dyson vacuum cleaners, and the prices of them locally.

As I was looking through a local retailers catalogue, I noticed they had a few Dysons listed, so I am showing the prices here today.

The first price, shown in brackets, is the price I would pay at the store after asking for a discount*, whilst the second price is the advertised price.

  • ($176.00) $199 Dyson DC30DMSY Handheld Vacuum
  • ($369.00) $419 Dyson DC35DMSB Multi Floor
  • ($483.00) $548 Dyson DC33Y Upright
  • ($484.00) $549 Dyson DC26ACSB Compact Barrel
  • ($660.00) $749 Dyson DC23ACTUSA Turbine Wrap Hepa Vacuum

* Discounts when shopping: When buying household goods from most stores, ALWAYS ask for a discount, and remember, even the “Less for Cash” discounts almost always also apply for credit card purchases.

You can check out the Dyson models at: www.dyson.com.au/vacuums


Dyson DC23ACTUSA Turbine Wrap Hepa

Dyson DC23

Dyson DC25 ACSY Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson DC25

Dyson DC25 Australian
Dyson DC25 Australian

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners January 2011 in Australiax

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