Queensland Ambulance Levy

The Queensland Ambulance Levy will be scrapped following the June 2011 Queensland budget.

This levy was charged with everyone’s electricity bill at a rate of about $113 per year.

It was introduced in 2004 to cover the cost of providing FREE ambulance service to Queensland residents.

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The government has confirmed that ambulance services will remain free for all Queenslanders even without the levy, and without Ambulance Insurance being needed as in other States.

To reduce cost of living pressures on Queensland households and businesses, the Government will abolish the Community Ambulance Cover levy from 1 July 2011. This represents around $113 in savings in 2011-12 to each of the 1.4 million electricity account holders that would otherwise be liable for the levy.

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Ok. There was income to the Ambulance Service of $113 x 1.4 million residents.
That is a Shipload of money! Ambos don’t earn a high wage. How much went on transport of patients? How will it now be funded?

So what happens if we are interstate on holidays or business are we still covered

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