Superannuation information for temporary residents departing Australia

The vast majority of workers in Australia, will have superannuation (super) contributions paid by your employer into a super fund of your choice.

This is to provide your financial benefits when you retire.

However, if you are not staying in Australia, the question that needs asking is:

Can temporary residents who leave Australia access their super?

The answer is YES, you can normally claim a departing Australia super payment (DASP)

The Australian Tax Office has a page answering this question at:

If you visited on a temporary visa listed under the Migration Act 1958, (excluding subclasses 405 and 410) and that visa is no longer in effect, and you have now departed from Australia, you can apply for a departing Australia super payment (DASP) from the Super Fund that holds your Super.

Six months after leaving Australia

If not already claimed, the super fund may transfer your super money to the Australian Tax Office if it has been more than six months since you departed Australia and your visa expired or was cancelled.

In this case you can apply to the ATO for payment of your unclaimed superannuation money.

How to claim your super money

After departing Australia, you can claim your super money any time either:


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