Visa Application Fee Increases from September 2013

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The Department of Immigration has advises an increase of 15% an most visa application fees effective from 1 September 2013.

Student and Visitor visa fees may not be 15%.

Accurate Pricing at:

Some of the new fees advised are shown below.

Changes from: 1 September 2013:

  • $ 420 Working Holiday
  • $1,035 Temporary Worker 457 (Skilled)
  • $1,440 Temporary Graduate 485
  • $3,085 Partner (Offshore)
  • $3,520 General Skilled Migration
  • $4,575 Partner (Onshore)
  • $48,550 Contributory Parent 2nd VAC

Changes from: 1 July 2013:

Selection of New Visa Application forms, including the changes on the payment page to assist with calculating the correct visa application charge:

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