Australian Credit Card Late Payment Fees

All credit cards have a payment due date every month, and there is normally a penalty charge if you do not make a payment on time.

These charges vary from bank to bank.

Some examples, current at February 2012, are:


Late Payment Fee: $20 ANZ Personal Banking Account Fees Charges.pdf
A Late Payment Fee is charged when any amount shown as due on your statement of account, including any Minimum Monthly Payment has not been paid by the “Due Date” shown on that statement.


Late Payment Fee: $20
A late payment fee is charged when the minimum payment is not received by the third day after the due date.


Late Payment Reminder Fee – $30.00 PDF
A late payment Reminder fee is payable on or after the day an amount is due for payment and has not been paid.


Late Payment Fee: $5 (recently reduced from $30)
Note: NAB Visa One Fee-Free is exempt from the Late Payment Fee.

St George Bank

Late Payment Fee: $9 PDF
Fee applied for each late payment or missed payment $9.00


Late Payment Fee: $9 (recently reduced from $35)
Credit Card Missed Payment Fees or Charges apply to all credit card accounts.

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