Malignant Melanoma death rates

Malignant Melanoma death rates

1999 February 1 BBC Malignant Melanoma, the rarest form of skin cancer, is responsible for 1,500 deaths in the UK each year.

2004 Malignant melanoma is more serious than other types of skin cancer, claiming nearly 1,800 lives each year in the UK. In 2004 there were 1,777 deaths from malignant melanoma.…/CSFSMELANOMA.pdf

2008 Number of deaths from malignant melanoma (UK 2008) 2,067…/CSSKINKEYFACT08.pdf

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2008 There are an estimated 2000 deaths annually in the UK from malignant melanoma.…/16880.shtml

In 2003 8,114 people were diagnosed with malignant melanoma in the UK.…/CSFSMELANOMA.pdf

In 2007, there were 10,800 new cases among all ages,
In 2008 there were 11,700 new cases among all ages,
Rates of malignant melanoma have tripled among those aged 15 to 34 since the late 1970s, according to analysis by Cancer Research UK.
Then, there were 1.8 cases of melanoma per 100,000 people in this age group, rising to 5.9 now.…/warning-as-skin-cancer-rates-soar-among-young-people-2263870.html

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