Motoring Organisations in Australia

Motoring Organisations in Australia

Your UK Motoring Club membership is normally recognised in Australia, and your membership term will also normally be recognised when you transfer your membership to an Australian Motoring Organisation

The above may need checking after reading that the UK AA service is only available to members of AIT-affiliated clubs for a fixed call-out fee of £120.00.  (see image at bottom of page)

The UK RAC however states: “The RAC will require sight of the Australian Club Membership Card to prevent abuse of the scheme”

I have also just read on a New Zealand website this piece of information “If you are already a member of an affiliated motoring organisation, excluding the AA or RAC in the UK, you are entitled to reciprocal services for up to six months”

Overseas Motor Clubs

The International Touring Alliance (AIT) is the worldwide organisation of Touring Clubs and Automobile Associations.

Most Australian clubs are members of the AIT, and show the above symbol on their membership cards.

AIT clubs agree to provide a broad range of services to each other’s members travelling overseas for three months. These services may vary from club to club but will generally be the same as those provided by clubs to their own members.

Australian Motoring Organisations

  • Queensland
    • RACQ Royal Automobile Club of Queensland
  • New South Wales
    • NRMA National Roads and Motorists’ Association
  • South Australia
    • RAA Royal Automobile Association of South Australia
  • Tasmania
    • RACT Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania
  • Victoria
    • RACV Royal Automobile Club of Victoria
  • Western Australia
    • RACWA Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia
  • Northern Territory
    • AANT Automobile Association of Northern Territory

Affiliation agreements with Road Service groups in each state allow cover nationwide.

Australian Motoring Roadside Service in UK

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