Petrol Prices: Australia v The World

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In 2013 Petrol prices in Australia are still the 4th cheapest, when compared against the major countries of the world, and have been in this position consistently since at least 2004.

This is mainly due to the low taxes imposed on petrol in Australia, as the base petrol price appears to be very similar for most of the countries listed.

The red section is the Tax Component, and the Blue section the base fuel cost

Current figures show this graph of prices, based in A$ against the other countries, for the first quarter of 2013.

Petrol Prices Worldwide March 2013

These older figures are taken from the petrol prices of the main 29 countries, for the September quarter of each year, from a previous post at:

Australia 4th cheapest
UK 21st out of 29
USA 2nd cheapest

Australia 4th cheapest
UK 19th out of 29
USA 2nd cheapest

Australia 4th cheapest
UK 20th out of 29
USA 2nd cheapest

Australia 4th cheapest
UK 25th out of 29
USA 2nd cheapest

Australia 4th cheapest
UK 25th out of 29
USA 2nd cheapest

Australia 4th cheapest
UK 28th (2nd to the most expensive out of 29)
USA 1st cheapest






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