Speeding fines in Victoria, 2015

Statistics on Speeding fines in Victoria

Compliance rates for fixed cameras show that 99.9% of vehicles that pass a fixed camera are below the speed limit.

The road safety camera at the intersection of Warrigal Road and Batesford Road, Chadstone, Victoria issued the most infringements during January to March 2015, with 23,970 infringements issued.

There was a total of 373,948 infringements for speeding and red light offences during the three months January to March 2015 in Victoria.  325,775 of these were for speeding.

The breakdown of speeding by limits is shown as:

253,232 Exceed speed by less than 10km/h  (77.265% of the total)
52,455 Exceed speed by 10km/h but less than 15km/h
16,961 Exceed speed by 15km/h but less than 25km/h
1,511 Exceed speed by 25km/h but less than 30km/h
661 Exceed speed by 30km/h but less than 35km/h
376 Exceed speed by 35km/h but less than 40km/h
213 Exceed speed by 40km/h but less than 45km/h
248 Exceed speed by 45km/h or more
118 Exceed speed by more than 20km/h in 110km/h zone

Source: www.camerassavelives.vic.gov.au/home/statistics/

The worst 10 road safety cameras for infringements issued in Q1 2015 in Victoria

23,970 At The Intersection Of Warrigal Road And Batesford Road, Chadstone – Lane 1, 2, 3
16,234 At The Intersection Of Flinders Street And William Street, Melbourne – Lane 1, 2, 3
15,278 At The Intersection Of Fitzroy Street And Lakeside Drive, St Kilda – Lane 1, 2, 3
7,112 At The Intersection Of Exhibition Street And Victoria Street, Melbourne – Lane 1, 2, 3
6,056 Princes Freeway, Point Cook, Forsyth Road Bridge, Geelong Bound – Lane 1, 2, 3, 4
5,759 Princes Freeway, Hoppers Crossing, Forsyth Road Bridge, Melbourne Bound – Lane 1, 2, 3, 4
4,824 At The Intersection Of Burke Road And Old Burke Road, Kew East – Lane 1, 2
4,671 At The Intersection Of Maroondah Highway and Approximately 100 metres West of Hutchinson Street – Westbound, Lilydale – Lane 1, 2
3,737 Western Ring Road, Approximately 1600 metres West of Sydney Road, Broadmeadows – Lane 4
3,636 At The Intersection Of Stud Road And Heatherton Road, Dandenong – Lane 1, 2, 3, 4

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