Median Wage 2012 UK and Australia Comparison

A comparison of wages in both the UK and Australia is a useful guide for many people considering moving and working in either country. Ideally the wage figure you need to look at is the exact wage for your specific… Read the rest

Credit Card Debt

Credit Card Debt per head of Population Latest figures for Australian Credit Card debt are: Oct-2008 $40,029,000,000 Oct-2009 $41,127,000,000 Oct-2010 $43,666,000,000 or $1,958 per head of population Oct-2011 $44,789,000,000 or $1,990 per head of population These figures only include Credit… Read the rest

HSBC Expat Explorer Survey 2011 Australia v UK

A comparison of the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey 2011 results between Australia and the United Kingdom produced the following results: Overall League Table 20th Australia 29th United Kingdom A selection of individual category results were: Economics UK – Aus 24… Read the rest

Minimum Hourly Wages Worldwide

Real hourly minimum wages from 2010 Real hourly minimum wages The following figures have been converted to US Dollars in the OECD charts. $11.70 Luxembourg $11.61 Australia $10.86 France $10.67 Ireland $ 9.99 Belgium $ 9.99 Netherlands $ 8.34… Read the rest

Property Prices UK and Australia 2011

Comparing house prices between the UK and Australia can be looked at in different ways. One way is the simple median price in each country, and convert at the current exchange rate. For the UK you could take figures for… Read the rest

Food Prices UK and Australia in 2011

A few comparisons of Food prices in the United Kingdom and Australia in June 2011.

United Kingdom: Tesco Supermarket

The four groups of food above show the following prices from: on June 28th 2011 £0.60 Tesco Medium Sliced White… Read the rest