Postage in Australia

Postage Costs in Australia

The following Postage prices are current as at Dec 2012

Internal within Australia
Normal Letters, delivered normally by the 2nd Business Day (Depending on the distance your article has to travel, it may take between 1 to 4 business days to reach its destination)

  • $0.60 Small Letter: Up to 5mm thick and under 50g and no larger than 114 x 162 mm
  • $1.20 Large Letter: Between 5mm and 20mm thick and under 125g and no larger than 353 x 250mm)

Air Mail to the United Kingdom

  • $1.65 Postcard or Greeting Card (3-10 work days)
  • $2.35 Letter Weight: Up to 50g
  • $6.20 Letter Weight: Over 50g Up To 250g

The above prices were calculated from:

Cost of Parcels being sent in Australia

  • For parcels being sent within Australia:
    An example would be a 3kg Parcel Post Satchel costing $12.50 with a 3 day delivery anywhere in mainland Australia

  • For parcels being sent from Australia to the UK:
    An example at May 2011 is: parcel weighing 0.50kg to 1kg costing $19.35 for sea mail and $37.00 for airmail

These prices were current as at Dec 2012, but any changes will be at the above web links.

Christmas Postage Dates and Costs for 2011

  • Sea Mail closing dates for UK delivery before Christmas 2010: 21st Sept 2010
  • Seasonal greeting cards, enclosed in a sealed envelope and endorsed CARD ONLY are allowed at a cheaper rate during November and December.
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