British Expats Driving Licence in Australia

Driving Licences in Australia

Each STATE is responsible for licensing its residents for driving
motor vehicles in its own State. Whilst visiting other States, an
Australian licensed driver is allowed to use their State issued Driving
Licence anywhere in the country.  On becoming a resident of another
State, they must however have their licence transferred to that State.

Permanent Visa Holders

As an overseas licence holder A Permanent Resident is normally
allowed to drive for 3 months before needing an Australian Licence. If
they have not obtained a valid Australian licence after that period,
they would be classed as driving without a valid licence, and will
incur police fines if stopped for any reason.

Temporary Visa Holders

If you do not intend to stay in NSW and do not hold a permanent visa, you will be regarded as a visiting driver. If you hold a current overseas driver licence you are not required to get a NSW licence even if your stay is longer than three months. If the licence is not written in English, an International Driving Permit, or an English translation must also be carried with the licence when driving.

If you do not have resident/immigrant status, and are visiting Queensland on a visa, there is no requirement for you to change over your licence.

As a visitor to WA you can drive on your overseas licence for up to 12 months from your arrival or until the licence expires (whichever comes first). If you intend staying longer than 12 months or your overseas licence expires within that time, you should apply for a WA licence.

If you are in Victoria on a temporary visa, you can drive on your overseas licence (provided it is a current, valid licence) for an indefinite period provided your overseas licence is in English (or you have an English translation), or you have an International Driving Permit.

Students, tourists and persons who are working in South Australia on current temporary visas are permitted to drive on their foreign licences, only while the foreign licence is current. Temporary visas usually do not exceed 4 years.
If the foreign licence expires obtain a South Australian driver’s licence.

Persons holding a temporary visa, ie student/working/holiday
visas, do not need to obtain a Tasmanian Licence for the duration of their visa provided their foreign driver licence remains current.

Visiting motorists are required to carry their licence (and English translation if applicable) at all times while driving and produce it to Police on request. Production of their temporary visas may also be required as evidence of their temporary residential status.

See individual STATE based links, shown in the top menus, for more information relating to your chosen State.

International Driving Permits or
International Driving Licences

Most British drivers can ignore any references to “International
Driving Permits (IDP)”, as these are not required for UK licence
holders. They are required when your normal licence is in a different
language, and must accompany your VALID National licence. An IDP is NOT a licence in itself, but effectively just a Translation of your licence.

If your overseas licence is not in English, it is advisable to carry
an International Driving Permit or an approved English translation of
your licence with you when you drive.

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